Making money with Youtube and BitSpotme

YouTube monetization makes a dream job into a reality. 
It provides content creators, Vloggers and YouTube entertainers with the funds and flexibility to continue to focus on creating great content. 

BitSpotMe helps Youtubers achieve this dream by giving your viewers the option of donating to you and your Youtube channel using every available payment method including Visa / Mastercard / Paypal / Bank Wires. We do all of these at a lower cost than any other platform.

We also accept local payments that others don’t, inclyding iDeal, Amazon Payments, Online wallets and Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and more. C

In 2018, it’s a sad fact that the majority of YouTube channels aren’t able to make money because of recent updates to YouTubes Partner program, the advert-serving component of Youtube that has been a long term income generator for YouTube channels for years. 

As avid viewers of Youtube, we have been watching and taking note of the damage that these changes have caused to many of you. This has been mentioned on many of channels that we subscribe to and we’ve seen that many channel owners have had their income from the YouTube partner program reduced and others are no longer receiving payments all-together

We can fix this by mobilizing people power and giving your viewers a new way of donating money to your Youtube channel

BitSpotMe uses our understanding of both YouTube and banking, to bridge a gap. 

Youtube has a Global audience! So people need an easy way to donate, no matter their location or payment preference. We understand this and cater for everyone, meaning more supporters and more money raised for your YouTube channel

Because of our wider understanding, we are able to accept more donations and charge you less. 

We handle the whole process, you just need to create your BitSpotMe campaign page, and then paste the URL (web address) into your YouTube description. 

When donations are made, you can see them in your campaign dashboard. 

Its easy to request payments and we can payout in multiple ways. It’s up to you

By using our smart approach, we can charge less than Patreon, Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms.

We’re also more flexible with payments and work with you closely to help you make the most of your BitSpotMe campaigns.