Quick Start Crowdfunding Campaign Guide

Social fundraising has never been easier. Accept contributions with Visa / Mastercard / Bank / Cryptocurrency / Paypal & More

Create your BitSpotMe Account

It’s Free to create an account!

Click on the green Login button & Register

Fill in your Username 
Enter you Email Address 
Choose a password 


Create your BitSpotMe Account

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on “Dashboard”
  • Create your Campaign page.
  • Give it a title
  • Add some information about yourself
  • You can add a video
  • Set a goal amount
  • If you want to give Rewards / Gifts for set donation, you can add them here
  • You can choose an end date, or a campaign that never ends and keeps earning.
Tick the agree to terms button and submit your campaign to us to review.

Add rewards for set donation amounts. 

If your funding a new product, you can pre-sell to your supporters. So when your funding is complete, you can deliver the product to the pledge. All orders will be displayed in your dashboard.

If you have your own merchandise then you can sell it via your campaign page. e.g “Donate $25 and get a T-Shirt”

For campaigners with large merchandise selections, we can create your very own, full featured merchandising store here at BitSpotMe

Get approved

We manually review each campaign, to make sure that the account is genuine. 

We will do this within 12hours and you will get an email as soon as your campaign is live.

We may contact you to discuss your campaign and even suggest improvements to help maximize your goals.


Launch it to the world!

Once you’re campaign is live, you can share your BitSpotMe campaign page using the built in social media share buttons.

Let people know that they can contribute to your channel by donating through your BitSpotMe campaign page.


Start receiving funds!

Once you’ve create your campaign page your set!

Viewers, supporters and subscribers and donors can now visit your campaign page and choose a donation amount.

We accept more payment types meaning more viewers can contribute money to your campaign.

You can monitor your campaign through your “Dashboard” and get notified every time a donation / contribution or a sale is made

Using our ultra modern Crowdfunding dashboard. 

Log into your account, check on your funding and make any updates or edits that you want.

You can track every donation, update your campaign and add new features.

With our analytics you can track the success of your campaign and we will also email you whenever a pledge is made, and if its for a product, you will see all of the order information and customer delivery details