Modern Social Crowdfunding

Unleash BitSpotMe, the low cost way to Crowdfund a project or new product. Monetize Youtube Channels, Instagram and social profiles.

Raise funds with donations, crowdfund projects and sell your merchandise. 

Low cost platform accepting pledges with Visa / Mastercard, Global payment methods as well as Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

Crowdfunding & Fundraising with BitSpotMe is Easy

Fund a new product

If your bringing a new product to market and need funding, then we can help.
You can fund your new product through BitSpotMe.
You can also pre-sell your new product through our site and then deliver to the customer once your product has been funded is ready to be dispatched.

Social Media Funding

BitSpotMe supports funding for social media users. If you use YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. Blog, Vlog or Podcast. And would like to fund more adventures, new equipment or earn an income, then you can setup a funding page with BitSpotMe.
Your followers / viewers can donate and support you through your campaign page.

Musician / Band funding

If you're a musician or band, and need funding to release new material or fund a tour, you can make a crowdfunding page with BitSpotMe. You can grow your fan base using social media and allow supporters and music lovers to donate. You can also sell songs / albums through our site when users make a donation.

Social Causes

If you have a personal,, local or charitable cause that you want to raise funds for then we can certainly help.
BitSpotMe is an ethical company who love to help those in need and we can arrange special reduced fees and support. We already work with Cancer charities and are always looking to work with more social causes. Contact us for more information

Create a Campaign

Create a free funding campaign. Accept pledges, offer rewards and sell merchandise.
Accept payments by Visa / Mastercard, local payment options & cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Go Global

We accept and convert all donations into your local currencies (Like USD/EURO/GBP/AUD/CAD). Our smart approach means that we can charge low fees
Manage your funds from your BitSpotMe Dashboard

Withdraw Your Funds

Thanks to our preferential rates from our Global banking partners, we bypass high card and Bank fees. We deposit directly into your bank account, in your local currency

A smart approach means low fees

Other crowdfunding platforms charge high fees, meaning you can get as little as 65% from each donation
What you receive with other crowdfunding sites 65%
BitSpotMe uses clever banking and payment methods. We charge a total fee (inclusive of everything) of 5%. Meaning you receive 95% of every donation
What you receive with BitSpotMe Crowdfunding 95%

Ultra modern campaign management

Crowdfunding Manage Your fundraising campaign

Advanced Campaign Analytics

Monitor your campaign from your Dashboard with cutting edge analytics.

Funding Rewards and sell Merchandise

Set Rewards / Sell Proucts

Choose to physical or digital rewards. Pre-sell your new product and deliver direct to your supporters.

Manage your crowdfunding funds

Manage your Funds

With the BitSpotMe wallet & Dashboard you can manage your funds, update your campaign and request payouts

Pledge and funding notifications by email

Instant Email Updates

Get notified everytime you receive a donation / pledge or reward order

Start Crowdfunding with BitSpotMe today